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HS-8 X3 Mesh Sock Installer

  • The HS-8 X3 were designed to be used with Filtrexx International® products.
  • These unique machines will place FilterMedia™ or GrowingMedia™ into Filtrexx® FilterSoxx™ efficiently and in locations that are remote or hard to get to with other
  • The HS-8 X3 was designed to attach to a skid-steer for portability, tip down and drive into a pile of material filling the 2-yard hopper, then tip up and begin auguring
    into an 8” FilterSoxx™.
  • 8” FilterSoxx™ can be used with the HS-8 X3, respectively or a large 12” diameter sock with an adapter.
  • These machines will help deploy these FilterSoxx™ quickly and in areas inaccessible to established methods.
  • Standard universal skid steer attachment
  • Standard hydraulic hookup
  • 1 internal auger and chain driven agitator
  • Agitator contains adjustable/removable teeth to customize for material type
Hydraulic Motor
Eaton 6000 Series Power Source
1,200 lbs. (544 kg)
Max Capacity
2,000 lbs. (907 kg)
54”H x 139”L x 69”W (137 H x 353 L x 175 W cm)